Save time restocking trial contact lenses with MyAlcon FitSCAN

September 28, 2023 Sponsored feature

MyAlcon FitSCAN is the latest digital innovation from Alcon to transform the way you restock your trial lenses. Forget about writing down orders in a notebook or keeping an open log on the desktop.


Designed to make the process easier, the MyAlcon FitSCAN app is a one stop shop for re-ordering trial lenses. With your phone in hand, you can submit orders straight away, no need to email anyone or worry if you’ve written down your stock requirements correctly.


Simply download the free app and choose your method of replenishment. If you have the Alcon fitting sets that have colour-coded power panels, the advanced image recognition technology enables your camera to ‘see’ your fitting set, detect empty slots and automatically populate an order of missing trials you need replenished. For other Alcon fitting sets the app still works as a direct online ordering portal with a user-friendly interface. So there’s no longer the need to take notes on what’s needed and you can avoid human error when transcribing that list into an email to customer service. With MyAlcon FitSCAN you can fast track your ordering with a few clicks!


MyAlcon FitSCAN lets you focus on what matters most and ensure you can offer your patients trial contact lenses at every visit. With less lenses out of stock*, your practice can gain a competitive edge by providing patients with a better customer experience.


See how MyAlcon FitSCAN can help your practice here.


*Subject to availability of stock from Alcon