Eye On Ophthalmology

Orally delivered drugs in clinical trials for DR: looking into the future

Charisse Kuo, A/Prof Ilva Rupenthal, Prof Rinki Murphy and Dr Lola Mugisho 03/05/2024

Current state of keratoconus management in New Zealand

By Drs Lize Angelo and Akilesh Gokul 01/04/2024

The complex diagnosis of intraocular lymphoma

Drs James Brodie, Laura Butler and Rachael Niederer 02/03/2024

Under pressure from glaucoma

Dr Divya Perumal 02/12/2023

Eye melanomas: a local and global perspective

Dr Joevy Lim and Professor Charles McGhee 01/11/2023

Established and emerging trends in AMD management

Drs Jo Sims and Ainsley Morris 02/10/2023

Nutrition and diabetic retinopathy: a path to sight-saving changes

Drs Dan Scott, Hannah Ng and Rachel Niederer 03/08/2023

Keratoconus and Pasifika in Aotearoa

Dr Hāʻano Fonua, Dr Akilesh Gokul and Professor Charles McGhee 03/07/2023

LETTER: Children’s glasses, eyes and Covid

Sally-Anne Herring 17/06/2023

Trends in corneal transplantation: beyond 2020

Drs Natalie Allen, Jie Zhang and Akilesh Gokul and Prof Charles McGhee 01/06/2023

How does Covid-19 affect the eye?

Drs Hannah Ng, Dan Scott, Rachael Niederer 02/05/2023

GA and AI: a new age

Drs Aaron Yap and Leo Sheck 11/03/2023

Fuchs’ endothelial corneal dystrophy: beaten metal to rock

Drs Lize Angelo, Akilesh Gokul and Professor Charles McGhee 01/03/2023

Toxoplasmosis: what is new in 2023?

Drs Priya Samalia and Rachael Niederer 01/02/2023

Update on refractive surgery

Dr Sue Ormonde 01/12/2022

Update on herpes zoster ophthalmicus

Drs Jay Meyer and Rachael Niederer 02/10/2022