New dry eye disease drug?

April 17, 2024 Staff reporters

Biopharmaceutical company Telios Pharma has revealed positive topline results from its phase 2 study of TL-925, a first-in-class topical Bruton’s tyrosine kinase (BTK) inhibitor for individuals with dry eye disease (DED).


The proof-of-concept, multicentre, randomised, double-masked study found TL-925 to be a safe, well-tolerated and effective treatment for 107 recruited patients with DED, when dosed twice daily for 28 days, said the company. In DED, TL-895 prevents mast cell activation and degranulation by blocking the cytokine-driven inflammatory response and restoring lacrimal unit homeostasis. The treatment is also being evaluated in individuals with allergic conjunctivitis (AC), said Telios.


DED and AC are two of the most common ocular inflammatory disorders and often coexist, presenting unique treatment challenges, said Dr Gail Torkildsen, an ophthalmologist in Andover, MA, and principal investigator in both studies. “Positive efficacy results in DED and AC demonstrate that TL-925 can effectively and rapidly halt the cycle of inflammation; these data also validate TL-925’s potential to target the underlying inflammatory mechanisms driving these diseases. It is increasingly apparent that TL-925 may represent a significant leap forward for the effective treatment of DED and AC.”


Complete results of the phase 2 TL-925 trial will be presented at ARVO 2024.