Zeiss: Cirrus 6000, CT Lucia

New to New Zealand and Australia, Zeiss product specialists Lahiru Gunasena and Hollie McDonald were proudly displaying Zeiss’ next-generation OCT, the Cirrus 6000, which can scan a patient’s eye in 0.4 seconds.


Given its speed, even the oldest and youngest patients can be scanned easily, said Gunasena. “You can capture a superior scan in between blinks, so it’s easier and more comfortable for the patient and for the technician to acquire that benchmark scan. With 100,000 scans per second, and given it’s 270% faster than its predecessors, it just makes everyone’s life easier.” The new Cirrus 6000 is also completely compatible with its predecessors the 5000 and the no-longer supported 4000, so historical data can be simply transferred, he said.


Also taking pride of place on the Zeiss stand was the CT Lucia 621, a new generation aspheric monofocal hydrophobic intraocular lens (IOL). This is the first time Zeiss have introduced a hydrophobic lens to Australasia, said McDonald. “It comes in a fully pre-loaded injector system and the architecture of the IOL enables very stable positioning for all eyes, so it’s a simple choice for surgeons.”


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