Yalea: all for her

De Rigo has launched its fourth house brand, Yalea, designed and produced with women in mind.


“Our company wholly recognises the value of women both in the workplace and in society. My mother personally contributed to the founding and development of De Rigo, which from the very onset was also characterised by the large number of women at the company,” said chief marketing officer Barbara De Rigo. “This is why we wanted to enrich our portfolio with a new all-female brand. Yalea is a tribute to the success of women.”


Yalea is distinguished by its contemporary elegance and characterised by a style that goes beyond time and fashion, said De Rigo. Endorsing the brand are models Cindy Crawford and Bianca Balti, who De Rigo said are not just characters but real people. “Two internationally renowned models, differing in age and style but both expressing harmony between exterior and interior beauty; two women committed to promoting a conscious, independent and attentive take on femininity, in keeping with the values ​​that characterise Yalea.”


The Yalea collection includes sunglasses and prescription eyewear and should be launched soon in Australia and New Zealand.


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