Vitamin A deficiency behind childhood chalazion?

A new study has unveiled a significant association between low vitamin A levels and chalazion in children, while vitamin D levels exhibited no correlation.  


The Nanjing Medical University case-control study included 180 subjects – 90 with chalazion and 90 control healthy subjects (average age of 4.13 years). Serum samples were collected to determine levels of vitamin A and 25-hydroxy vitamin D. 


While baseline characteristics, including age and body mass index, were similar between the two groups, researchers found average serum vitamin A levels in chalazion patients were significantly lower compared to control. They observed no significant difference in the serum vitamin D levels between cohorts. The data also showed vitamin A deficiency was significantly higher (52.2%) among chalazion patients compared to their healthy counterparts (28.6%). 


Researchers said further investigation of the mechanisms behind the relationship was warranted. 


The study was published by Optometry and Vision Science. 



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