Stars and their eyes… Gail Devers

Three-time Olympic gold medallist, retired track star Gail Devers has been living with Graves’ disease and symptoms of thyroid eye disease (TED) for more than 30 years.


Having struggled with life-changing symptoms for two years prior to diagnosis, Devers recently partnered with Horizon Therapeutics and the Graves’ Community. “I got answers, which is why I’m passionate about raising awareness today, so others don’t have to put their dreams on hold like I did. It wasn’t until recently that I found out that my eye bulging, pain and constant irritation may be caused by a separate disease. I now know they could be associated with thyroid eye disease, and I hope my story will inspire others to know their risk and take action.”


Devers’ diagnosis came just two years before winning her first Olympic gold in 1992. She suffered near career-ending symptoms, including extreme weight loss, fatigue and insomnia. In the 25-year career that followed, Devers became a back-to-back 100m Olympic champion, three-time 100m hurdles world champion and inductee to both the National Track and Field and the United States Olympic Halls of Fame.


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