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I’ve been in optics for 27 years and from all my years’ experience in optical marketing I can say with certainty that Blur is a one-of-a-kind brand, built on four key pillars – uniqueness, exceptional service, quality eyecare and personalisation. From billboards to google ads to the in-store experience, Blur has established a deliberate identity that sets it apart; we know our audience and everything we do seeks to appeal to them.


Establishing a brand personality

Blur is not about quick eye tests. We offer something emotional at a slower pace, tailored to each customer. We’re trying to do optics differently; to have a defining identify. Our stores have a funky style, decorated with old cameras and quirky cinema chairs. This makes a statement first impression and helps bring in customers attracted by something different. We give time. We don’t provide price lists; we recommend frames they can’t get elsewhere. We know our customers by first names and what they do.


Meaningful content and creative advertising

As a business committed to great eyecare, we have a strong focus on producing marketing content that builds our profile as a trusted voice. We write articles every few weeks on various eye health topics for local papers and we repurpose these for Facebook, imparting our expertise, without shouting it out from the rooftops.

My background is in larger optical chains, so I know the importance of branding. At Blur, you’ll see our ads all over the place – from signage to magazines, to the backs of buses. The content is a little cheeky, but true to our identity of doing eyecare differently.


Aligning with specialists

We also promote the ZEISS brand together with our own. As a business focused on quality, it makes sense to leverage brands that are globally recognised and highly regarded. ZEISS products and technology helps set our business apart. For example, the ZEISS Visufit 1000 system not only makes our life easy, it’s the lowest-error device I have ever used. We also recommend ZEISS SmartLife for progressive lenses, because we don’t want to sell anything less than the best.


We offer full eye exams and place a strong emphasis on the clinical side of eyecare, working closely with local eye specialists to ensure they know us and the equipment we use. Word of mouth is still the most powerful marketing tool, so this drives referrals and enhances our reputation.


For like-minded optometrists and DOs interested in knowing more, contact Blur principal Stuart Laing at stuart@goodgryf.co.nz.


Glenn Dunkerley is an experienced optical dispenser and retail manager based at Blur Eyecare in Tauranga.


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