Partners for sustainability

Kenmark Eyewear has partnered with Eastman to create ISCC-certified eyewear using Acetate Renew, which the companies said will help keep plastic waste out of landfills and reduce fossil fuel usage. 


First out is the Paradigm collection, expected to be released early 2022. “As a company we are committed to making mindful decisions regarding the environment and are always working to reduce our carbon footprint in all that we do,” said Marissa Cundiff, Kenmark’s vice president of marketing. 


Eastman’s Acetate Renew uses 100% sustainable acetate flake made with certified recycled material and bio-based materials sourced from renewable resources, diverting plastic waste from landfills and incinerators while reducing consumption of fossil feedstocks and lowering greenhouse gas emissions, explained Cundiff, adding that Paradigm’s materials will be audited and ISCC-certified from the factory to brand level.  


Working with Mazzucchelli, the first acetate manufacturer to join the Eastman Acetate Renew project, Kenmark said it will provide the same high-quality feel and beautiful colourways using Acetate Renew.   




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