OPSM welcomes new grads

OPSM has welcomed 17 new graduates to its New Zealand network, kicking off their OPSM journey with the company’s annual Eye Launch graduate-induction conference in Auckland. “It’s great to see the enthusiasm displayed from this cohort of optometrists, and Eye Launch is the perfect platform to set them up for a successful career,” said James Melton, OPSM New Zealand country director.


The two-day event included presentations, interactive workshops, activities and virtual sessions to connect with contact lens partners based in Australia, said Jonathan Payne, OPSM New Zealand’s professional services manager. “Although the two days were jam-packed with lots of practical information, we still had time to celebrate with a premium welcome dinner at Orbit Sky City and a competitive round of golf at Holey Moley in the Viaduct.”


The Eye Launch conference is a critical touch point in our comprehensive graduate pathway, said Payne. “Not only does it allow our graduates to reconnect but it equips them with skills to handle different clients and techniques to build a cohesive work environment. For many, the DISC (dominance, influence/inducement, steadiness/submission and compliance) communication workshop was the event highlight, as it allowed them to understand their own behavioural style and how to improve teamwork and communication in the workplace.”


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