New children’s book: The Amazing Fairy glasses

Using the experience of her daughter’s hyperopia and intermittent esotropia, UK-based photographer Katy Tainton has written a book, The Amazing Fairy Glasses, to help young children who wear glasses.


Tainton told Eye News she found it a struggle to convince her young daughter Belle to wear glasses. She didn’t understand what they were for and would frequently protest and pull them off. Looking for books she could read to her daughter to show her how her glasses could help her, Tainton said she was surprised by how few she found.


Working with illustrator Tharushi Nanayakkara, she decided to write a story filled with colourful, detailed illustrations depicting Belle, a tiny fairy who loves nothing more than flying fast through the forest with her friends. However, she keeps flying into things and, unlike her fairy friends Leo and Penelope, she can’t see the colours of fairy dust and has no idea she’s missing the beautiful details in the forest. Her Granny magics up some amazing glasses for her and Belle finds she can see everything much more clearly and fly faster than ever before.



Tainton is now working on a second book featuring a dinosaur who finds out he needs glasses. The Special Dinosaur Glasses will be published later this year, featuring Harry the dinosaur visiting the optometrist and having a sight test.

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