Eyestil Synfo drops for DED hit NZ

Medix 21 Surgical has introduced SIFI’s Eyestil Synfo moisturising eye drops for dry eye disease (DED) in New Zealand.


The drops come in a 10ml dropper and have a six-month shelf-life, but are preservative-free, making them suitable for contact lens wearers. The drops’ natural polymers (sodium hyaluronate and xanthan gum) confer lubricating, moisturising and mucomimetic properties, said Medix 21’s Camille Furnandiz. She added that each ingredient also has a re-epithelising and antioxidant effect, enhanced by their synergistic action. Eyestil Synfo also contains glycine and betaine, whose osmoprotective action favours the maintenance of cellular homeostasis, which is commonly altered in DED patients’ eyes. Both play a role in the epithelial remodelling phase during wound healing and act as osmoprotectants in cells exposed to hyperosmotic stress, she said.


“Patients using Synfo reported rapid and lasting relief in signs and symptoms,” said Maria Grazia Mazzone, SIFI’s business and portfolio development director. “Thanks to the optimal ratio between the two polymers and its high pseudoplasticity, the new formulation appears to be retained longer and more comfortably on the ocular surface, with no blurred vision in more than 90% of those early users.”


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