CooperVision's DreamLite CLs bag EU approval

CooperVision’s DreamLite ortho-k contact lenses for slowing myopia in children have met European Union approval criteria, earning them a CE mark.


Currently only available in Europe, the Middle East and China, the lenses can correct a spherical refraction of -0.75D up to -5.00D and a cylindrical refraction with a maximum of -2.50D, according to CooperVision. A two-year study of the lenses, by Hong Kong Polytechnic University researcher Jessie Charm, demonstrated their wear resulted in a reduction in axial length growth of 63% among high myopes compared with a single vision spectacle lens control group. Further, three-year tracking of Dreamlite lenses showed near-stable refraction and axial length growth among 40 children, who reported good comfort and handling, vision and happiness with the lenses, said a CooperVision representative.


For more on ortho-k lenses and myopia research, see: 


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