Unique Feb 31

Best known for its customisable wooden frames, where customers pick the shape and then the colours of the different parts of their frames, Feb 31st has now launched a new metals range with the same unique, customisable abilities.

“Being different is our obsession,” said founder Stefano Millani at Silmo 2019, where the new range was launched. “We decided to try to make one piece at time, but to not make it too expensive. Then we moved from being 100% wooden frame makers to being good in titanium and wood, then steel and wood and finally, now, we are launching a total metal collection.”

Feb 31st is the only company that allows you to colour your metal frames a piece at a time, said Millani, demonstrating the wide range of coloured finishings available. “Just like wood, it has been complicated, because we needed to find a partner who is willing to accept 300 frames with 300 different finishes, and make them fast, and affordable.”

Customers can not only select the inside and outside colours of their frame fronts, but also the colours for their temples, temple tips and even their nose pads. Each frame is produced to order, limiting waste, and the nose pads are made from a rubber substance, derived from corn, said Millani. “Some of the bigger companies, who launch regular bigger collections, have to dispose of about 15% because it’s unsold, but we are just producing what’s ordered; period; there is no waste.

“Metals are very hot right now and, perhaps in a year or two, we might look at introducing an acetate range, as that would be the ultimate end of our R&D journey.”

Feb31st is distributed by Beni Vision. For more from Silmo 2019, see November’s issue of NZ Optics or visit: www.eyeonoptics.co.nz

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