AUSCRS – Virtually as good as the real thing

Dr Ben LaHood reports on how the Australasian Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgeons (AUSCRS) led the way for virtual conferences with its 2021 meeting.

A better specs life

Silmo 2021 was abuzz with sustainability initiatives. Jai Breitnauer hunted down a few optics businesses working for the social good.

Much ado about ADONZ

After 2020 came and went, taking with it what was to be a glorious conference in breath-taking Queenstown, we finally got there in 2021. Although Covid...

Retina research update

Characteristics of patients with complete VA recovery after vitrectomy for macula-off retinal detachmentKonstantinidis L et alEye (Lond). 2021 Oct;35(10):2834-2839

Optic for good

Carole Riehl is embarrassed about her English. “I am learning more so I can talk about this project outside of France,” she smiles. Until then, her husband...

The iris in health and disease: part 1 - normal variations and mass lesions

The healthy human iris consists of five layers: the anterior-border layer, stroma, iris sphincter muscle, iris dilator muscle and the iris pigment epithelium...

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