Portable low-field MRI near

Preliminary study results of a novel portable, low-field Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) system show it is promising as a safe and practical way to get accurate brain images at a patient’s bedside 

“We’ve flipped the concept from having to get patients to the MRI to bringing the MRI to the patients,” said author Dr Kevin Sheth, neurocritical care and emergency neurology at Yale School of Medicine and Yale New Haven HospitalConnecticut. “This early work suggests our approach is safe and viable in a complex clinical care environment.” 

Initial findings, presented at the American Stroke Association’s International Stroke Conference earlier this yearshowed the majority of patients were able to complete the 30-minute scan. However, 5% (five patients) struggled fitting into the machine’s 30cm opening and 7% (six patients) experienced claustrophobia. According to the study, the scanner did not interfere with other equipment and metals did not need to be removed from the room. No significant adverse events were reported 

Hyperfine Research has received US Food & Drug Administration approval for its portable MRI system, commercially available this summer.  





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