Optimed: Dry eye AI

Though there was no equipment on show (as mandated under alert level two), Optimed’s Craig Norman had brochures galore to help him discuss the new Mediworks dry eye diagnostic system, which had been scheduled for its first public unveiling in New Zealand at the CCLS conference.


The new Mediworks dry eye system combines a high-tech slit lamp with the latest AI technology to analyse the ocular surface, including tear breakup time, tear meniscus height, meibomian glands’ function, lipid layer thickness, eyelid margin and the percentage of conjunctival and ciliary congestion, producing a comprehensive dry eye evaluation report for the operator. It’s a particularly useful device for practices which offer or wish to offer intense pulsed light treatment for dry eye, said Norman. “It’s got all the analysis you want, both quantitative and qualitative, together with slit lamp imaging.”


Everything’s integrated into the slit lamp, he added, so there’s no need to set up different equipment or move your patient. “It’s always there. So you are more likely to use it.”


As to the level two restrictions, on the positive side it’s quite freeing, said Norman. “It’s great to be able to just put up a banner and talk to people.”


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