Morel sun launches

Reflecting its new strategy to focus more on its famous, family-owned French lineage, Morel has made the decision to stop producing sunglasses for its Koali, 1880, Lightec, Marius, Nomad and Öga collections and instead launch its own dedicated Morel sun range.

“There is a link between all the collections; a common point, with creative twists, but they are different,” said Julie-Marie Millo, Morel’s head of communications. “So, we decided to start from scratch, to create our own sunglass collection.”

The new sun collection is pure Morel, creative fashion with a focus on technical expertise, but split into three quite separate segments, she said. The first, is the fashion segment aimed at those who like bold designs and following the trends. Unusually, the lenses match the frames and were designed first, many with colours exclusive to Morel, said Millo.

The next segment is the sports line, a line that can be worn every day, incorporating Morel’s new infrared technology to block the warmth between the lens and the eye, which can be very troublesome if you have dry eye, she said.

Last but not least is Morel’s classic sun line, bold and elegant with greater sun protection and mineral glass lenses to provide the most optically correct, distortion-free vision, said Millo. “The precision is just crazy with these lenses. It is so, so good.”

Morel’s new sun range is available from Morel New Zealand in partnership with CMI Optical.

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