Coronavirus platform launched

New Zealand-based healthcare software firm Orion Health has developed what it describes as a comprehensive pandemic monitoring platform to alleviate demand on international health systems and reduce the risk of further spread of the covid-19 virus.

Claiming it to be a world-first, Orion Health said its new pandemic solution includes the ability to remotely monitor and engage with patients in their homes, facilitate communication between quarantined people and the healthcare service and monitor those recently discharged. “The intention is to alleviate spikes in demand on health systems, reducing the risk of further spread of the virus and flattening the epidemiological curve,” said Orion Health CEO Ian McCrae.

Over time the solution will increasingly use artificial intelligence (AI) to enable health providers to identify patients at risk of deterioration and optimise their care, allowing resources to be allocated to those most in need, he said. “Individuals will be able to track and monitor their symptoms in their own home and escalate to a health professional only if required and at the appropriate time.

“The software will be offered at no cost to existing and future Orion Health customers around the world for this crisis, and we will also work with non-Orion Health customers to help in the best way we can.”

Supporting the platform, Orion Health has also launched to reflect different countries’ clinical protocols to support the unique aspects of their local health systems and covid-19 progression.

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