Chalkeyes presents: Read all about it!

If you are reading this in its lustrous glossy printed form, you have in your hands a suddenly quite rare and precious thing: a magazine.

Chalkeyes presents… Confidence clobbers clever… every time!

I once heard the most successful optometrist I have ever worked alongside tell a patient, “No, I will not fit my lenses into that piece of rubbish!” It...

Chalkeyes presents… A fresh look

For years now, some personal style services have been swallowed up by the Starbucks theory that sameness is best. With the growing trend towards franchised...

You’re never too old to have a vision

At last, after 4,000 generations of farmers plus one speechwriter, there's someone in our family working in the field of optical dispensing.

Which way now for our heroic public eye clinics?

The district health boards’ (DHBs) follow-up clinic performance figures to August 2019 have been released in response to an Official Information Act (OIA)...

The view through my retroscope

It’s been a few years now since I escaped from my windowless dark room and looming corporate confinement. I went rogue to develop something I always wanted...

Cane and able

It’s amazing really, how, if one of your senses starts to conk out another one seems to pick up the slack. Medically, of course, it’s a fallacy that if...

CHALKEYES… Give me back my patient!

‘Dave the drainlayer’ was driving his digger at the new development last week. I hadn’t seen him at the practice for more than five years.

Talk as loudly as you like, this is a library

For the longest time, waiting rooms were the butt of jokes for their sorry collections of old magazines. It always seemed a bit mean to me. Your doctor,...

It’s good to get away

One of the oddest things about New Zealand is the incredible enthusiasm most people have for 'getting away'. Given the size of the country, it’s pretty...

Chalkeyes presents: Gene warfare for AMD?

Patients suffering from age-related macular degeneration (AMD) can feel encouraged by the latest therapeutic discoveries.

Chalkeyes presents: Eight miles high

No matter how many times it happens, I am always wildly impressed to be shown an image of my eyeball.

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