B+L: Biotrue for everyone

Bausch and Lomb (B+L) used the 2021 CCLS conference as the perfect opportunity to launch their extended range of Biotrue Oneday lenses to fit even more spherical and toric patients. “We’ve recently had an exciting increase to the range with the sphere now available up to -12,” said B+L representative, Radiant Health’s Yvette Beattie. “There’s a new -2.75cyl available for the toric and we are now 10⁰ around the clock up to -6 up to the -1.75cyl.”


Continuing the good news, B+L also unveiled a new Dermaveen skincare pack promotion for sales of Biotrue Oneday and Ultra and a new Sparkle campaign, B+L’s practice-based online contact lens ordering system, to help entice patients back from online providers, said Beattie. “Sparkle sales have been increasing by at least 20% each year. It has certainly been helpful during the lockdowns as patients can still order their lenses through their practice.”


Looking ahead, there’s a number of exciting product developments planned, including the much-anticipated launch of Bausch and Lomb’s Ultra One Day daily disposable silicone hydrogel contact lenses in July this year, she said.


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